Co je Webshare

On the 10th of September 2009, we decided to add passion to our hobby by creating Webshare. After running the service for 3 years we found out that Webshare is pretty popular among thousands of users. Therefore we decided to create brand new and much better Webshare who would be a serious competitor to the greatest players on the Czech market and offer its users the most comfortable way to manage their data.

We are four of us in our team. Two server administrators, Zbyněk and Lukáš, who are responsible for maintaining our servers, Adam, the lead programmer and Honza who designs the web and is also responsible for marketing strategies. The Webshare is not some garage project. It is a complex service who allows its users to store their data, work with them on different devices and to share them with their friends.

Well, we are pretty ambitious, we know that. Our goal is to make Webshare the greatest service of its kind on the Czech and Slovak market.

Briefly about Webshare

Webshare is not just about uploading and downloading of data. We want to provide our users with a complex tool for managing and synchronizing of their data. We are creating clever desktop and mobile applications. So stay tuned.


We would like to make one thing clear. Our users' wishes are top priority for us. Webshare is not only our service, it's yours in the first place!

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